So…what is Spaceship Librarian?

It’s an independent sci-fi web comic.

In the future, humanity doesn’t read for pleasure or education. That’s considered “manual learning” and almost everyone views it as outdated and inefficient. Almost.

Abitha is the very unpopular daughter of a popular diplomat. Growing up in privilege, she spent her time overindulging in entertainment. While everyone else simply downloaded the skills and information they needed to progress in their education and career, she was busy becoming a pedant. And reading Sherlock Holmes stories. And repeatedly watching classic films. As Abitha would say, “The high art of the cinematic renaissance…you know, like ‘The Breakfast Club’.”

Upon graduating with a doctorate in the ancient arts of library science and film history, she intentionally used nepotism to gain her dream assignment, running the only manual learning library in existence on the best ship in the galaxy.

Suddenly thrust into the real world of career space travel, Abitha is unable to connect with her captain or her crew. Nobody cares about books, movies or the past. There’s no way to tell if the people around her are smart or dumb, authentic or phony…everyone is simply the sum of their downloadable mental parts. Her cushy life has made her something of a snob.Her library is a joke. Her entire academic career…a waste.

Until the ship begins to receive mysterious transmissions from deep space that nobody can understand. Except Abitha. Now she has a choice. She can hole up and drug herself with books and movies, or she can attempt to help.

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